Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall 2018 Concerts

9/8 - How to Hold for solo performer, two assistants, and electronics
workshop performance by Lucy Dehgrae, Resonant Bodies Festival
Mt. Tremper Arts Residency, NY

9/15 - High Zero Festival
with Tomeka Reid and Andrew Bernstein

10/5 - Portrait Concert 1: BIOMES
premiere of BIOMES 1.0 by Rage Thormbones and Katherine Young + performances of Earhart and the Queen of Spades by Nicholas Deyoe & Dustin Donahue, and Underworld (Dancing) by Wells Leng & Matt Barbier
presented by WasteLAnd
at ArtShareLA

10/18 - EdgeFest
with Tomeka Reid & Fred Lonberg-Holm
Ann Arbor

11/9 - Drone Activity: with Erica Dicker
presented by Red Bull Music Festival

11/10 - KAY + Erica Dicker
at McClean County Arts Center, IL

11/17 - Gather Series: with Kelley Sheehan & Jonathan Hannau
at Comfort Station, Chicago

12/14 - Releasing Bound Water from Green Material
performed by Dustin Donahue, Sean Dowry & Ryan Nestor
presented by WasteLAnd