Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thanks Sequenza 21!!!


>> “Rough, rugged, in your face bassoon playing” might seem humorous to the uninitiated in regards to the facility and sonic capacity of the bassoon but this disc is one of only a few discs that left me totally entranced by the sounds of a solo monophonic instrument. Though frequently augmented with electronics, Katherine Young’s solo bassoon music does more than rock. It f-king kicks ass. And takes names.

Young’s music is well in tune with the extended sets of sounds and colors available on the instrument. Her performances are powerful and compelling. Most of the works are edgy, dissonant, rich with multiphonics and thick fat eruptions of sound. There are also tracks which feature more expressive, engaging, and haunting performances.

If you thought Stravinsky’s high bassoon writing was “otherworldly,” then you have to hear this. Most of the disc works as a cycle since the heartbeat that emerges towards the end of the first track becomes the foundational support that carries everything through the track “Relief.”

“Some People Say That She Doesn’t Exist” is a break from the aggressive and tense. This multiple bassoon piece is a sullen, tender, tonal, and introspective work. The final track is an echo to the rich timbres of the more aggressive music but in a more muted and meditative manner. “Orbis Tertius” is the perfect end for this disc.

Throughout the CD, whether hard or soft, edgy or tender, Young’s tone is rich and resonant with overtones every bit as interesting as the fundamentals. If you want to hear an orchestra of sound from a single bassoon, this is not a disc to miss. <<

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Shows

A Trio
with Jeff Snyder (serge) and Erica Dicker (violin)
"an investigation into the dream life of aquatic birds, featuring bassoon, violin and serge" as part of "an evening of alien environments conjured through intentional sound" put together by Sebastian Ischer

Sunday, April 11@ Zebulon - 258 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
with - NANCY GARCIA (skull-liquifying noise performance movement studies) & NIECE (East coast power violence free jazz by Alex Weiss, Dmitry Ishenko, Ryan Sawyer, and Sebastian Ischer) + a reading by apocalyptic fiction absurdist Jared Hohl

Architeuthis Walks on Land

gearing up for the release of our record (!!! some appetite whetting tracks are up on our
myspace now - - www.myspace.com/walksonland) in late May/early June on Carrier Records, violist Amy Cimini and i are playing a few shows this month:::

1) Friday, April 16, 2010
@ Cake Forearms -
538 Johnson ave. apt 202
, Brookly, NY 8pm: treats; 8:30: show; $5
with - PEACE, LOVING... sound sculpture tape recorder banjo wood saws from boston & DARIA FAIN... acclaimed choreographer from France & HOME PERM... Jess Cook & PLUME BROOM PUPPET SHOW... andrew cooper and geoff nosach new puppet show w/ stephe cooper

2) Wed, April 28, 2010
@ Glasslands
9 pm

with - GREAT ARCHITECT (www.myspace.com/hellogreatarchitect) & FATHER FIGURES (http://www.myspace.com/fatherfiguresmusic) & one of maestro JACOB WICK's groups (http://www.myspace.com/jacobwickmusic)

> and stay tuned b/c Architeuthis is planning a record release show for late May / early June!

Just Me
solo amplified bassoon, cross-fading

Friday April 23

Phoenix Project Collective, 406 S. Haskell Ave, Dallas TX 75226

8 p.m.- $8 or $5 for Phoenix Project Collective members

with - LOOP 12 & DEFLOWERED ELECTRIC FLESH BRIDE (an Aaron Gonzalez project)

> i know a few folks in DFW, but send your friends!!

- - - -
follow-up: here are some pictures of the show, courtesy of sally glass: http://www.weshotjr.com/photos/?entryid=6437070822930072440