Thursday, October 20, 2011

November in New York


TARGET::furnace is an hypnotic and symphonic jewel. Within a highly defined musical and visual environment, a powerful performer unfolds a mesmerizing topology where ferocious impact and charm work hand in hand to reveal the hidden geometry of a warrior heart. 

Commissioned and performed by Marýa Wethers
Choreography and production design by Daria Faïn
Composed by Katherine Young
Performed with musicians Christine Bard and Erin Benim

also on the program: Cipher by Samita Sinha
Wed Nov 2-Sat Nov 5 
@ The Chocolate Factory
8 pm - $15


featuring Erica Dicker - violin, Owen Stewart-Robertson - guitar, Mike Pride - percussion

presented by Cavalier Music  -  w/ Afuche and Doug Balliett

Sun Nov 6
@ Big Snow -  89 Varet St, Brooklyn NY 11206 (Montrose L stop and the Flushing JM stop)
doors at 8:30 pm

a new trio with Ivan Naranjo (electronics) and Maria Stankova (voice-electronics) will be making its debut!

we've been working on a recording for Peira records that will come out in the winter, and given that it's almost halloween, ivan might even wear a Stockhausen mask!

also playing: Daniel Blake - saxophone

Sun Oct 30
@ Douglass Street Music Collective

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Absence of Wax release

LA-based net label Absence of Wax has released my piece Underworld (Dancing) for tuba and Wurlitzer as a single!

performed by Dan Peck (tuba) and Emily Manzo (Wurli)

check it out and download for free here: