Friday, March 26, 2010

super nice Downbeat write-up

Further Secret Origins got a super-duper write-up in Downbeat! check it:::

>> Katherine Young, a member of Till By Turning and Anthony Braxton's Falling River Quartet, makes seriously bold leaps for the bassoon on FURTHER SECRET ORIGINS (Porter4039; 46:22) *** 1/2. Although a few tracks employ minor overdubs and some vinyl surface noise, Young produced most of the sounds live, using multiple mics to capture different facets of her notoriously difficult double reed. She makes the most of the unwieldy low-end, using quavering long tones, extreme polyphonics, percussive breath manipulation, and wonderfully striated, sour phrases to construct a music of surprising diversity and richness. << Peter Margasak

Friday, March 12, 2010

March shows

i will be premiering a Chicago and NYC version of a new project called Pretty Monsters this month in celebration of my Porter Records release, Further Secret Origins.

Thu 3/4 @ Elastic Arts - 10 pm
Pretty Monsters: Erica Dicker, violin; Jeff Parker, guitar; Tim Daisy, perc; me, bassoon

up 2nd that night: Frank Rosaly/Josh Berman/ Keefe Jackson/ Jason Roebke

the Chicago Reader had these nice words to say about the record and the show:

and then! as part of the PORTER RECORDS SHOWCASE - -

Tue 3/23 @ Issue Project Room - 8 pm
Pretty Monsters: Jim Altieri, violin; Owen Stewart-Robinson, guitar; Mike Pride, perc; me, bassoon

w/ Nate Wooley & Jeremiah Cymerman's Scorpio Rising
full info here:

be sure to check out the show on Wed 3/24, featuring projects by Matthew Welch, Matt Bauder & Andrew Raffo-Dewar

+ + + the Fancy plays a great show Tue 3/16 @ Spike Hill
w/Butchers & Bakers, Magnetic Island (aka Renminbi) & Flying Pace

March 23 - 8 pm @ IPR - - - - NYC record release at Porter Records showcase!