Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sept & Oct Musical Activities (2010)

9/11 - Bill Baird's music
(featuring Tucker Dulin, Erica Dicker, Dave Ruder, Nathan Stein, Alexander Waterman, Kenny Wang, Karen Waltuch, the composer, and me)
w/ a set by Loren Connors

9/16 - Bike Lane, chamber music by Leah Paul
@Barbes - 8 pm
(featuring Paul, me, Karen Waltuch, and Chris Speed)

9/21 - solo set
@ Zebulon
w/ Snake Eats Electric Blanket and Baby Copperhead

9/29 - a work-in-progress performance of Bradley Kemp's puppet opera w/ improvising musicians, Triangle, at "Punch"
@ Dixon Place

10/8 - the Fancy
@ Union Hall
w/ We Can't Enjoy Ourselves & Leah Paul's the Bridesmaids

10/9 - Till by Turning
@ Vaudeville Park
w/ Brent Arnold & Jessica Pavone
performing new music by Erica Dicker, Emily Manzo, K.A.Y. plus more!

10/10 - Architeuthis Walks on Land
@ Douglass Street
w/ Brian Chase & Josh Sinton + Douglas Dietrick

** 10/21-10/23 -- IN CHICAGO! **
10/21 - live on WNUR 89.3 FM
11 am
on Michael Corsa's show

10/21 - Collaborations , Improvisations, and New Compositions
w/ TOMEKA REID (cello), JASON STEIN (bass clarinet), K.A.Y.
@ Elastic
10 pm
NICK BROSTE TRIO : Nick Broste – trombone, Keefe Jackson – reeds, Anton Hatwich – bass

10/22 - WFMU 91.1 FM
9 am-noon
a solo set I recorded on Oct 11 will air on Scott McDowell's show, "The Long Rally"

@ Post Family Gallery
Elementary Princess of Evil: RYAN INGEBRITSEN - electronics, ERICA DICKER - violin NICK BUTCHER - electronics KATHERINE YOUNG - bassoon, electronics
8 pm

10/26 - Yarn/Wire record release extravaganza!
@ AC Institute
547 W. 27th St, 6th floor, NYC
8 pm
w/ performances by my Carrier Record labelmates Yarn/Wire, Loud Objects, the Kenners, and K.A.Y.
+ the screening of a new music video by Corey Fogel
+ FREE BEER provided by the Chelsea Brewing Company!
$20 (includes CD!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Natura Naturans Reviews

Time Out New York
"[C]ompellingly weird....[T]he pair's improvisations embrace both droney drift and harsh angularity." (8/19)

"[A] bracing blast of free improvisation that benefits from the pair's mutual familiarity—their rapport is clear, whether they're shadowing each other with ghostly harmonics or colliding strident squawks and slashing double stops....Recordings like Natura Naturans vividly refute the claim that free improvisation has worked itself into an idiomatic rut and no longer has the power to surprise. Yes, predictable free improv does happen, but a project like Architeuthis Walks on Land makes it clear that we're not at the end of the line." :

"[T]his is not unobtrusive music. This is not classical chamber music. This is raw and refined. This is expressive sophistication. They've found a voice and musical direction that is all their own. I hope they keep searching in this direction."

"The music is organic, with the two instruments played acoustically, no effects. It sounds mostly improvised, with all the dynamism that the label implies. Some tracks linger on one trick or formation for a while, like the upward duet squeaking on 'Glitterbird,' but the sound is full of variations and pulse....The two together create a vivid sense of color."

"Whatever happens their improvisations have a strong soul and concept, due to the fact that both musicians play together already for some time and make a very good team."

Time Out New York

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 19 @ the Sycamore

8:30 pm - $5
@ the Sycamore
on Courtelyou in Ditmas Park Brooklyn

Erica Dicker, violin
K.A.Y., amplified bassoon
Owen Stewart-Robertson, guitar++
Mike Pride, percussion

after our set, Jacob Wick performs solo music from his SWARM project!!!