Friday, October 6, 2017

When stranger things happen

This is probably the biggest production of my career. Members of Ensemble Dal Niente and I have been working for months and months with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, conductor Michael Lewanski, director Emmi Hilger, projections designer Kera MacKenzie, scenic designer Nicholas Schwartz, and lighting designer Jessica Doyle to bring my monodrama When stranger things happen to the stage.

The piece is about mysteries: mysteries of things we've lost, mysteries of things we've made, and mysteries of who we become along the way. 

You will hear whirring fans, sludgy power chords, electro-acoustic bassoon shenanigans, and footsteps. Amidst this, a woman searches for her voice - finding lots of noisy and beautiful things along the way.

Please come!!

OCTOBER 20-21 @7pm
OCTOBER 22 @ 3pm

The Edge Theater, 5451 N. Broadway

Photo by Amanda DeBoer Bartlett of Kera MacKenzie, Emmi Hilger, and me during a shoot for the projections at Shanghai Inn.