Thursday, January 28, 2016

February 2016

Monday 2/15 - K.A.Y & Weston Olencki
Option Series: Katherine Young & Weston Olencki 

Friday 2/19 - K.A.Y. with Austin Wulliman, Daniel Dehaan, Weston Olencki & Amy Cimini
Northwestern University Galvin Hall

Monday, November 16, 2015

Experimental Music Yearbook: graveled crumbled strewn

Experimental Music Yearbook has published graveled crumbled strewn. 

The score - including videos & audio tracks - are all here:

This awesome group of L.A.-based people also performed the piece on Friday 11/6 in LA.

Here's a review of what was an awesome concert:

"Graveled crumbled strewn by Katherine Young was first up and performed by a large group that included strings, winds, guitar, electronics and a video. This began with a single pitch from the soprano sax, matched in the violin whose tone quickly broke down into a rough, scratchy sound, like a cable under tension. Breathy sounds came from the flute while the lower strings produced a calm, welcoming chord and it was as if we were standing outside on some open, windswept hill. Meanwhile, the video showed construction equipment in the distance with the sounds of heavy, mechanical clanking. The instruments picked up this theme and began to issue a series of industrial sounds – the snap of a cello string and some humming in the horns. This portrayal – aided by the images in the video – proved very convincing, as if we were in the middle of a construction site, surrounded by powerful mechanical activity. With a steady siren blast from the horns, as might be heard for a shift change, the sounds ceased. Graveled crumbled strewn is a convincing realization of forceful earth moving processes experienced in close proximity." - Paul Miller, New Classic LA

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chicago Tribune article by Aaron Cohen

Fall 2016

9/26 - with Jessica Aszodi, Text/Grain @ The Musical Offering, Evanston

10/5 - with Jaimie Branch & Anton Hatwich

10/9 - Distractfold performs work-in-progress string trio
@ NeoArte New Music Spectrum Festival, Gdansk, Poland

10/16 - James Ilgenfritz's Anagram Ensemble premieres Read Real Real Red for bass voice, contrabass, electric guitar & drums as part of Experiments in Opera's The Travel Agency is on Fire: Burroughs Cuts Up the Great Bards
@ The Stone, NYC

10/23 - participating in panel discussion as part of "Sexing Sound," co-produced by the Goethe-Institut Chicago, SAIC &  ESS @ SAIC, Chicago

10/30 - Distractfold premieres string trio, Paris, France

11/1 - Kinosonik: creating live scores to CFA films with Walter Kitundu
@ Black Cinema House, 4pm

11/1 - Fonema Consort performs Master of Disguises for voices, tape recorders, bass clarinet &
saxophone @ Constellation, part of the Frequency Series

11/6 - Experimental Music Yearbook performs graveled crumbled strewn
@ the wulf, Los Angeles, 8pm

11/8 - Kinosonik: creating a live score to CFA films with Walter Kitundu
@ The Nightingale, 8pm

11/12-17 - The Bridge: Antichamber with Benoit Delbecq, Tomeka Reid & Claudia Solal

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

(Quiet or not) Summer 2015

June 8 - Wet Ink performs like a halo, Roulette, NYC

June 18 - sitting in with BATHYSPHERE as part of Driff Records Mini-Fest, Lily Pad, Boston

June 20 - Solo as part of SICPP Iditarod, NEC, Boston

June 26 - Duo with Tim Daisy, Logan Square Arts Festival, Chicago

June 30 - Till by Turning performs as part of Roommate's June Residency @ the Hideout, Chicago

August 26 - Quartet with Ayako Kato, Peter Maunu & Albert Wildeman as part of the Splice Series, Beat Kitchen, Chicago

Monday, March 2, 2015


March 20 - Sound Initiative performs graveled crumbled strewn for 2 winds + 3 strings, auxiliary performers, electronics & video projection
@ Rendez-vous Contemporains de Saint Merry

March 24 @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam
improvisations with Amy Cimini, Dana Jessen, Nora Mulder, Jasper Stadhouders & Felicity Provan

March 25 - ARCHITEUTHIS WALKS ON LAND @ Splendor, Amsterdam
performing with...
Of an implacable subtraction: Dana Jessen, bassoon & Paula Matthusen, electronics
Shackle: Anne La Berge, flutes and electronics & Robert van Heumen, laptop-instrument

performing with...
Audrey Chen - vocals, cello, electronics / Maria Chavez - turntables

April 1, 11, 22 & 26 - Weston Olencki performs puddles and crumbs, San Francisco / Chicago
  4/1 with Athletics @ Center for New Music, San Francisco
  4/11 with Athletics @ CCRMA, Palo Alto
  4/22 with Fonema Consort @ St. Xavier University, Chicago
  4/26 with Fonema Consort @ Constellation, Chicago 

April 6 - 5 PERSON BUFFET @ Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago
with Audrey ChenFrank RosalyCarol GenettiRyan Packard & Deniz Gül
April 18 - DILIGENCE IS TO MAGIC AS PROGRESS IS TO FLIGHT @ Unruly Music Festival, Milwaukee

April 23 - ARCHITEUTHIS WALKS ON LAND @ Lily Pond, Boston

with Miranda Cuckson

April 26 - ARCHITEUTHIS WALKS ON LAND @ Trans Pecos, Queens

May 2 - Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight LISTENING PARTY!
celebrating the release of the 4-cassette (8-channel) limited-edition box set on Parlour Tapes+!!
@ High Concept Labs

May 10 - The Owl Avant Jazz Series Residency
with Ryan Packard & Theo Katsaounis - percussion & drums
@ the Owl

May 11 - 3-on-3 with Molly Shanahan & Ryan Packard
playing with Jeff Kimmel, Aaron Zarzutzki & Daniel Wyche
@ Constellation

@ Constellation

May 17 - The Owl Avant Jazz Series Residency
with Erica Dicker - violin, Chris Fisher-Lochhead - violin, Albert Wildeman - bass, Tim Daisy - percussion
@ the Owl

May 20 - Jenna Lyle, Katherine Young & special guest @ Elastic, Chicago

May 23 - Mivos Quartet premieres slam creek bzzz for string quartet and electronics
@ Dimenna Center for the Performing Arts, NYC

June 8 - Wet Ink performs like a halo, NYC

June 26 - Duo with Tim Daisy at the Logan Square Arts Festival

June 30 - Till by Turning performs as part of Roommate's June Residency @ the Hideout 

January & February 2015

graveled crumbled strewn for 3 strings, 2 winds & 3 videos
performed by Chartreuse+/- ::: Myra Hinrichs (violin), Carrie Frey (viola), and Helen Newby (cello) + Zachary Good (clarinet) and Ben Roidl-Ward (bassoon)
1/7 @  Clonick Hall at Oberlin Conservatory
1/8 @ Constellation, Chicago
1/16 @ Spectrum, New York City
1/17 @  Firehouse Space, Brooklyn
I Care If You Listen did a 5-questions piece about the group and their project.

Weston Olencki performs puddles and crumbs for trombone & electronics
1/14 - San Francisco Conservatory

Till by Turning at the New Music Gathering
1/17 - San Francisco Conservatory

Architeuthis Walks on Land
1/18 - Center for New Music, San Francisco
with Weston Olencki & Owen Stewart-Robertson

Solo with Jessica Pavone, Rob Lundberg & Joe Adamik + Steve Dorocke
2/13 - Transistor in Chicago