Friday, September 26, 2014

Architeuthis Walks on Land - The Surveyors


Friday 9/26 @ Constellation
Chicago, IL

9:30 PM

Friday 10/17 : University of California, Irvine

Sunday 10/19 : University of California, San Diego

Monday 10/20 : mata, Los Angeles


"While their music poses no particular danger beyond the challenge of unfamiliarity, its reach justifies adopting the name of a critter that has tentacles ten yards long....fearless improvisers" - Bill Meyer,

"[On the] experimental duo’s new album, The Surveyors (Carrier)...they’ve never sounded more in sync. Improvisation has always been key to their music, but the three core pieces on the new record rely on predetermined material, which lends potency and focus to the performances by dissolving any initial flashes of chaos with keen compositional logic." - Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

UT San Diego interview with Amy“I look for someone who I can communicate with really clearly, someone who is not judgmental in respect to what they hear in the moment,” Cimini said. “Katie and I really started improvising together; neither of us had a very kind of robust improvisatory practice. We found our way into this world together.”