Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Improvisor Festival in Alabama

i'm excited to head down to Birmingham, AL, and play a solo set as part of the 2010 Improvisor Festival!

Sat. 8/7 - 7:00pm
@ "The Listening Room" @ Pepper Place

i'll be sharing the evening with Craig Hultgren, Phantom Limb-Cardew, Tea Time With Flaura, and Boojack

>>> and if you are on facebook, here's a link to some video from the performance. after i played a few solo pieces, the members of Tea Time w/ FLAURA came onstage and we performed together for a while -- while the tea was being made:!/video/video.php?v=1580503155758&ref=mf

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Shows

*** 07/07 - 8 pm
Architeuthis Walks on Land RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!
@ Local 269 (269 Houston)

w/ Jessica Pavone's Army of Strangers & Owen Stewart-Robertson's Army of Strangers

the record's coming out July 15 on Carrier Records, but you can preview our jams here:

here's a lil bit about each project:

Army of Strangers:
Wordless songs inspired by life's cast of characters.
Jessica Pavone (violin, viola), Pete Fitzpatrick (guitar), Jonti Siman (bass guitar), Harris Eisenstadt (drums)
This Sporting Life:
A project that attempts to address the absurdity of the competitive life through snippets of song, text, and athleticism.
Owen Stewart-Robertson (guitar/compositions/champion)
, Myk Freedman (lap steel), Josh Sinton (bari sax/bass clarinet), and Jacob Wick (trumpet)
Architeuthis Walks on Land:
"A gelatinous blob with seriously evil arms" - -You think you know what the bassoon and the viola sound like, but you don't!
Amy Cimini (viola), Katherine Young (bassoon)

and here's some info about Natura Naturans, AWOL's new record:

>>Sawing, sputtering, gurgling and wailing, Architeuthis Walks on Land is every bit the displaced and terrifying cephalopod that the name suggests. The viola and bassoon are two instruments rarely associated with free improvisation and noise; yet on Natura Naturans Amy Cimini and Katherine Young rip it up with particular aplomb, weaving disjunct lines, constructing chaotic sound masses, and raising towering monoliths. Crafting their improvised materials into tight structures, the eight tracks on Natura capture the compositional, timbral and expressive breadth of this uncommon coupling: from divergently soloistic to profoundly intertwined playing, from a slowly unfolding intimacy to a jagged and kinetic style. Cimini and Young lunge and flutter through their materials with the intuition and energy of constant discovery.

**** 07/21 9 pm
The Fancy
@Ars Nova

**** 07/23 - 8 pm
w/ Wet Ink
@ Miller Theater

*** 07/24 - 9 pm
Solo set
@ Douglass Street Music Collective
295 Douglass St, Bklyn

w. Jacob Wick doing something awesome!