Friday, January 3, 2014

Diligence in the Blogosphere

What made Diligence so satisfying was that it brought the greatest strengths of both composer and performer into bold relief. Young’s compositional hallmarks—her visceral approach to sound; her organic use of repetition, structure, and pacing; her attentiveness to the smallest details of timbre; her adventurousness in using instruments in unexpected ways—made the work feel like a living thing, breathing and unfolding as the evening progressed. And Wulliman’s strongest characteristics as a performer—his intensity of focus, his absolute commitment to each musical gesture—made listeners feel that the pair’s collaborative vision was being fully embodied in each moment. - New Music Box
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Doyle Armbrust gave us a shout-out on Universal Music's uclassics Instagram:

Andrew Tham interviewed us for the ACM blog: preview of the premiere:

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