Tuesday, January 31, 2023

2023 concerts n such

January 2023

Hinge ensemble performs Camilles on a program with music by Chaya Czernowin, Meshuggah, Laurie Spiegel, Jessie Cox, and Louis Andriessen.

1.27 - The Music Mansion | 88 Meeting St. | Providence, RI

1.28 - Boston Conservatory at Berklee - Ipswich Hall | 132 Ipswich St. | Boston, MA 


February 2023

2.23 - with Jacob Wick, Laura Cox, and Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra | No Tomorrow | Underground Atlanta | 84 Lower Alabama Street | Atlanta, GA

2.25 - with Shane Parrish, Jacob Wick & Dan Nettles @ Hendershots | 237 Prince Avenue | Athens, GA


March 2023

3.14 - LAPhil premieres Spores (2017, rev 2023) for improviser (me!), ensemble, and electronics on program with music by Solonen, Anthony Cheung, and John Adams.



May 2023  

5.7 - Dana Jessen, Ben Roild-Ward, and I premiere a new collaboratively composed piece for 3 bassoons! @ Elastic Arts | Chicago, IL

June 2023 

6.28 - premiere of if we are still for two guitars and electronics, commissioned and performed by Ruben Mattia Santorsa and Adrian Pereyra @ Munich for the aDevantgarde-Festival

Thursday, December 8, 2022

If we are still.... for santorsa~pereyra

Premiere of If we are still for two guitars and electronics

schwere reiter, Dachauer Straße 114 a, 80636 München

17. Dezember um 20:00 einladen  



so nah ~ so fern 

Kompositionen für zwei E-Gitarren und Live-Elektronik E-Gitarren: Ruben Mattia Santorsa und Adrian Pereyra 



Mark Barden (1980) - Codex (2022) 

Katherine Young - (1980) If we are still (Uraufführung) (2022)
I. Quiescence.
II. Sensing.
III. Precarious Assemblages. IV Pausing. 

Mauro Hertig (1989) - Half Held Hands (2022)
I. II. 

Achim Christian Bornhöft (1966) - Flor (2022) 

so nah ~ so fern wird gefördert durch: die Ernst von Siemens Stiftung, den Deutschen Musikfonds, die Landeshauptstadt München, das Now!Festival, die santorsa~pereyra GbR und Fractal Audio
herzliche Grüße adrian und ruben

boundarymind in Huddersfield

amexperimental attic #12 


Linda Jankowska, Katherine Young, Kera MacKenzie & Molly Roth Scranton

Residency: 7th – 10th December



SATURDAY, Dec 10th
5:30-6:30 – community recording
6:30-7:30 – social gathering (drinks, snacks, bring your food if you want)
7:30 PM – live performance

Concept, composition & performance – Linda Jankowska and Katherine Young
Video – Kera MacKenzie
Weaving – Molly Roth Scranton

boundarymind is a long-distance collaboration by Linda Jankowska and Katherine Young. The electroacoustic sound piece and aggregating multi-media installation explores and transgresses the geographical, cultural, psychological, and musical boundaries that impact how we share—and modulate—our past, present, and future selves through collection and interaction with our material world. Every-day objects with sentimental meaning and memory-evoking power have been shared—recorded and remixed, filmed and animated, collected and woven into a three-dimensional tapestry. The project premiered in June 2022 in Chicago at 6018 North as a site-specific multi-room installation, with the support of Experimental Sound Studio.

For ame, Katie and Linda will rework the piece to suit the space and hopefully discover new dimension to boundarymind’s expression. The community recording events are a way of sharing the process of listening to memorable objects with other people. The audience is invited to contribute their sounds and stories to boundarymind’s sound archive with the intention of weaving them into future live iterations of the piece as a shared meaning-making practice.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

boundarymind - 5/21-6/5 - Chicago!

boundarymind with Linda Jankowska

installation, performance events, and community recording events



COMMUNITY RECORDING DATES (Free and open to the public!)

05/21/22 – @ POBox Collective, 2-5 PM — stay for Jessica Mueller’s community table cloth project!

05/28/22 – @ Berger Park w/ RomanSusan, 2-5 PM

06/02/22 – 6018|North , 4-7 PM — stay for a free BBQ!



06/03/22 - 6:30-9:30pm @ presented with ESS with Ensemble Chartreuse

06/05/22 - 7:30-9:30pm @ presented with ESS

Performances at 6018|North, located at 6018 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago


Tickets -

Winter 2022 - ATL, CHI, NYC

 Olivia De Prato @ Emory - 2/2/22

premiering Mycorrhiza I: With Olivia (Stolen Moments)


Emory University CompFest 2022 w/ Timucin Sahin and Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra

@ Performing Arts Studio, Emory University - 2/11-2/12/2022

Beautifulish with Ben Lamar Gaye and Krista Franklin @ Frequency Festival 2022!

@ Constellation, Chicago - 2/26/22

What is water? with Mocrep 

premiering a new piece co-composed with Mocrep 

sharing the bill with Equilateral Triangle (Renee Baker, Douglas Ewart, and Lou Mallozzi)

@ Elastic Arts - 3/1/22



 Some choose exposed ledges, others damp grooves. with Wet Ink

premiere of new piece for bass flute, tenor sax, violin, cello, piano + feedback, percussion + amplification, and live electronics

@Tenri Cultural Institute - 3/27/22

Fall 2021 - BIOMES @ PioneerWorks and....

BIOMES 4.0 with Yarn/Wire @ Pioneer Works, Red Hook, Brooklyn 

as September residents at PW, Y/W and I present Biomes 4.0, a 4-part outdoor sound installation and performance piece





Duo w/ Tim Daisy @ If Art Gallery, Columbia, SC - 9/24/21

Here's a link to our streaming concert from the summer, presented by Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC


Wet Ink Artist-in-Residence

I'm so thrilled to be one of Wet Ink's artists in residence, along with the incredible Nick Dunston.

w/ Wet Ink @ Scholes Street Studio - 11/17/21 







University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble plays Just Water, No Lemon - 12/3/21




Either/Or performs For Autonauts, For Travelers - 12/10/21

@ Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC



Patrick Stadler and Ensemble Inverspace premiere Mycorrhiza II for soprano sax and electronics





Monday, May 17, 2021

Guggenheim Fellowship!

Wow! I am thrilled to have been awarded a 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship in Music Composition.