Tuesday, November 10, 2020

60 Wrd/Min Art Critic

 Lori Waxman reviewed "boundarymind" for her 60 Wrd/Min Art Critic blog!

Oh, mementos—even tidiness guru Marie Kondo makes special allowances for them. They are objects kept for reasons of oftentimes obscure personal value, and they can be anything from a cassette tape to a coffee mill, plastic toy car, pine cone, colorful Mardi Gras beads or wooden spoons. “boundarymind,” a short film directed by Kera MacKenzie with a soundtrack by Linda Jankowska and Katherine Young, features these and other items pulled from the composers’ childhoods. In the film their keepsakes dangle from the sky, are arranged and rearranged on a tabletop, beckon from around the corners of an old house, hang from the branches of a tree, and animate humorous little narratives. They can also apparently be used to make a lot of noise, despite not being anything close to proper musical instruments, a situation that allowed Jankowska and Young to create a composition ranging from clangy to eerie to plucky. Though many years in the making, “boundarymind” feels perfectly relevant now, when the pandemic has forced so many of us to stay home, surrounded by all our stuff. (A participatory performance/installation of the project scheduled to open at 6018North and Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago in June has been indefinitely postponed; a different iteration will happen in March at Roman Susan with the sculptor Molly Roth Scranton.)

—Lori Waxman 2020-10-30 2:47 PM

Fall 2020

VOTE on or before 11/3! GA info: https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do

On Sunday, November 15, as part of the Long Beach Opera's UnGala "2020 Songbook," I will premiere a piece for high voice and piano, entitled Expected Face, and using text by Chicago-based poet A.Martinez. The event features new pieces by a ton of amazing composers and supports this organization. 5pm PST/8pm EST.

On Friday, December 4, my duo project Beautifulish, with percussionist/composer Sam Scranton, releases our debut album on Shinkyo. We will be performing a live-stream release concert via Boston-based presenters Non-Event at 8pm EST.

Beautifulish will also perform Thursday, November 10, on one of Experimental Sound Studio's Quarantine Concerts with Kamau Patton and others.
The music is available for pre-order on bandcamp: https://shinkoyo.bandcamp.com/album/beautifulish

This fall I am also working on the first two in a series of solo pieces. I am collaborating with violinist Olivia de Prato, who will release her piece in spring 2021 as part of her I, A.M.: Artist Mother recording project. For the second piece, I am working with saxophonist Patrick Statler. This project is supported with a remote residency by the Goethe Institute. Stay tuned for these, as well as works for piano and accordion, in 2021!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Live streamed talk w/ Linda Jankowska

As part of this summer's Yarn Wire Summer Composition Institute - which went online - Linda Jankowska and I talk about our piece "boundarymind" and how we are thinking about co-authorship and our process. For more, see - https://www.boundarymind.com/


ESS Quarantine Concert "For Eliane (but really for Linda, Sam and Lucy)

(c) Peter Gannushkin - May 2020

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fall 2019: Chicago, Bludenz, Boston, Berlin

Sept 27- Dec 29 - Resonance, and the Inhibition of - a site-specific, 8-channel installation using original text, fragments of PhD dissertations and an oral history interview, and sounds performed by vocalists Angel Bat Dawid, Carol Genetti, and Jenna Lyle - is up and running 8am-10pm 7 days a week near the Botany Pond on the University of Chicago campus.
Part of The Chicago Sound Show presented by the Smart Museum of Art

Oct 6 - Camilles for saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion, mixers, and feedback premieres at Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik performed by Ensemble Nikel

Oct 12 - Camilles for saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion, mixers, and feedback
performed by Ensemble Nikel 
Hateiva hall, Jaffa, Israel

Oct 20 - Beautifulish - my duo with Sam Scranton - performs on a bill with Wendy Eisenberg
Seiyoung Jang+Rachel Devorah
Dorchester Art Project, 1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02122
6 PM

Oct 31 - performing in Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome
Berlin Jazz Festival, Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany

Nov 15  - Weston Olencki performs puddles and crumbs as part of Nate Wooley's For/With festival
Issue Project Room, 22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn
8 PM

Nov 22 - At ESS's Audible Gallery my collaborators Luftwerk present an immersive sculptural exhibition: "Illuminated objects will fill the space with shadows and reflections creating a visual topography enhanced by amplified sounds mimicking the calving of glaciers, created by collaborator Katherine Young."
Connected to our Requiem: A White Wander project that will premiere in 2020!
Experimental Sound Studio, Audible Gallery

Dec 14 - Chicago Metamorphic Song Relay
presented by the Goethe Institut and featuring Damon Locks, Ayanna Woods, Katinka Kleijn, Eric Novak, Brianna Tong, Shiri Burson, Lou Mallozzi, and others. 
Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Some Reviews

Two Reviews from WasteLAnd's concerts in Feb & May 2019

"Katherine Young Uses Noise to Teach Feeling" https://www.sfcv.org/reviews/wasteland/katherine-young-uses-noise-to-teach-feeling

"New-Music Series wasteLAnd Uncovers the Master of Disguises"


Free Jazz Collective on "Bind the Hand that Feeds" - Michael Foster, Katherine Young, Michael Zerang

Vital Weekly on "Bind the Hand that Feeds" - Michael Foster, Katherine Young,
Michael Zerang
"They excel in six concentrated and dynamic improvisations with very abstract
sound-oriented research as their playground. They use many if not only extended techniques. In
cases of this kind of improvisation I tend to use the term ‘abstract’, as I just did, but at the same
time, this music is also very physical and down-to-earth. And above all, it is very musical and
dramatic with breathtaking moments that are the fruit of the very concentrated and communicative
interactions between the three. Just wonderful!" (DM)

Dusted on "Bind the Hand that Feeds" - Michael Foster, Katherine Young,
Michael Zerang 

Exposure Series 2018 - Trio with Michael Foster and Michael Zerang

EdgeFest 2018 - Trio with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Tomeka Reid

Anti-Chamber Music tour photos!

Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Concerts!

Jan 9 - Just been invited to jump on this bill with Weston Olencki and Marina Kifferstein (TAK)!
Arete Gallery - Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Jan 26 - Dal Niente performs new version of "like a halo" for voice, amplified violin, bass clarinet, saxophone, harp, and piano
New College - FL

Jan 31 - BIOMES 2.0 with Yarn/Wire and Weston Olencki
The Stone - NY, NY

Feb 8-22 - French tour with Anti-Chamber in Tours, Vitrolles/Marseille, Ste-Anasthasie, Albi, Avignon, Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux/Cenon, Paris/Pantin, Lyon, Poitiers, Brest

Antichamber Music is: Katherine Young, bassoon and electronics / Claudia Solal, voice
Benoît Delbecq, piano / Lou Mallozzi, turntables, CDs, mixer

Feb 16 - WasteLAnd performs Master of Disguises
on a program with music by Czernowin, Lim/Donahue, Deyoe, Tenney, and Berio!
ArtshareLA - Los Angeles

Mar 14 - album release show with Michael Foster and Michael Zerang
for trio album out on Relative Pitch
Elastic Arts - Chicago

Apr 4 - with Julian Kirchner and friends
Elastic Arts - Chicago

Apr 18 - premiere of trio for bassoon, piano, and percussion + electronics with Callithumpian
NEC - Boston

Apr 22 - Option with Anna Webber at ESS

May 2 - duo with Weston Olencki & Ted Moore
U of C - Chicago

May 3 - solo
FuseFactory - Columbus, OH

May 4 - WasteLAnd presents Hidden: Portrait Concert 2
featuring Formalist Quartet performing music for string quartet and trio
 program includes: I'm Hiding Your Present From You; Inside UFO 53-32; slam creak bzz; bow, breath, crow
ArtshareLA - Los Angeles